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Construction Cleanup

lady wiping the floor

Anyone who works in the construction industry already knows how important it is to have a dedicated cleaning partner to work with. During the construction process and in finishing off a new build, it makes the world of difference to have professional cleaners help you clean up your site. And, if you are looking for a partner to help you with this in the town of Vienna, VA, you will be pleased to know that our team can help, at Vienna Cleaning Services. The number one provider of cleaning services anywhere in town, you can count on us for support on your construction site whenever you need it. Just give us a call and let us know the kind of support we can bring to you and we would be glad every time.


Debris Removal 

The most important construction cleaning job on any site is debris removal. Both during and on completion of your task, you are going to have to get rid of all of the waste materials and junk that has been collected, to have it properly disposed of. But this can be a time-consuming job and when you have other clients to be helping, it only makes sense to have a dedicated cleaning team taking care of the work. That is what we can do for you and we can assure you of a complete and efficient job, whenever you come to us.


Window Cleaning 

Inside a newly built property, various cleaning needs have to be taken care of, too. For example, if you have installed windows and glass installations, these will likely be covered in dust and may even still have the stickers on. Either way, they are going to need to be attended to and left in their brightest and freshest condition, something that you can count on our team to do. We’ll apply thorough cleaning techniques and make sure that we are treating every glass installation with the proper cleaning approach.


Interior Dusting 

The same can be said for the majority of new installations and it is common to find dust in just about every space. From the windowsills to the kitchen countertops, each is going to need to be properly cleaned and prepared for sale. So, we make sure we are paying close attention to each and giving them a deep dusting to remove all of the dirt.


Washing & Vacuuming 

Any other grime that has been able to accumulate will likely be covering the walls and the floors. These are the most important parts of every property interior and they need to be clean and clear, ready to decorate. So, they will almost always need some washing and vacuuming work if they are going to be fully prepared. And, of course, you know that you can count on our team to handle these most effectively, whenever you need us to. Simply let our team go to work using our specialist methods and we’ll be sure to have every inch of space cleaned to the necessary standard.