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Vienna Cleaning Services


In your home and your place of work, cleaning is super important. None of us want to be sharing our space with dirt, mess, and junk, we want to feel that we are somewhere well-kept and hygienic. And, to help you do that, it always goes a long way to work with a professional team of cleaners. Fortunately for you, if you are living in the fine town of Vienna, VA, you can find all that you are looking for in us, at Vienna Cleaning Services.

About Us

For many years now, our team has been proudly serving our community with the finest cleaning services anywhere in town. Supporting both residential and commercial cleaning, we aim to be there for any Vienna resident, whenever they need us. Our team understands the importance of our good work for many people and it is the thing that continues to motivate us, each and every day. So, you know that whenever you trust in us, you will be supported by a hardworking and committed team of pros.


Offering a complete list of cleaning services, we cover just about any need that can be thrown at us. From basic home spring cleaning services to construction site cleanup and janitorial services. Whatever it is, we aim to be as accommodating to our clients as possible and deliver an effective, tailored service. So, when you need professional support with anything in cleaning, you know that we can be there for you.

man polishing the floor

Commercial Cleaning

Over the years, we have helped out countless businesses with our commercial cleaning services. We offer all that you could possibly need for your commercial property and we do our best to help the widest range of businesses possible. Whether that means school cleaning services at the end of the day, sanitation cleaning for medical centers, or simply just regular vacuuming and tidying to keep your store looking good. Whatever it is, feel free to let us know and we would be glad to off our support.

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Janitorial Service

We can even go as far as to offer dedicated janitorial services to your company, on as regular of a basis as you need. Every business environment, school, or store needs to stay clean and healthy for both your employees and your staff. So, there is going to be a certain amount of cleaning that needs to be done each day. And, our team can be there to bring you just that. At Vienna Cleaning Services, we offer dedicated, efficient, and reliable janitorial services, so trust in us today.

“Vienna Cleaning Services always does a great job cleaning our offices at the end of each day. A very reliable team that knows how to deliver the high standard of cleaning that we need, I can highly recommend them to any other business in the area.” – Michael T

Office Cleaning

No office is going to be operating at its best if it is left in a mess for the start of the next day. Instead, you need to be giving your staff the most comfortable space that you can, so that they can give you their all. So, make sure that you are delivering on your responsibilities as the best boss and make sure that you are having your office cleaned often. We can help with regular office cleaning, as well as office vacuuming, furniture cleaning, and junk clearing services.

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Move in/Move Out Cleaning

When you are moving in or out of a property, residential, or commercial, you need it to be completely clean. Moving in, it helps the whole job run smoothly and easily. And, when you are moving out, you can be assured that you will be seeing the full amount of your deposit returned to you. So, it is always worth having either a move in clean or a move out clean with your property, which you should no doubt be receiving from us, at Vienna Cleaning Services.

lady spraying the tiles

“Thanks to the team at Vienna Cleaning Services, my garage cleanout was a breeze. They were more than happy to help me take care of all of the junk and mess, as well as thoroughly cleaning the space after. All of your guys’ help was really appreciated and I’ll definitely be calling again, in the future!” – Kathy S

lady wiping off the sink

Spring or Fall Cleaning

Every time that spring or fall rolls around, we all want to give our house a clean ready for the months ahead. You want the entire place cleaned from top to bottom, with all of the minor details included in that, too. But few of us can find the time to do that without busy schedules and so, it can be hard giving our spring or fall clean the best job. However, if you were to trust us to take care of it instead, you could have the high level clean that you need, without any of the hassles yourself. So, make sure that you are getting the most from your clean and ease into the new season without a care in the world.

wet sign on the floor

Construction Cleanup

At Vienna Cleaning Services, we are proud to be supporting local businesses with our excellent services. For this reason, we offer specialist cleaning services to Vienna companies, including construction clean up. When you need support cleaning a recent construction or development site, we can be there to offer you our help. Simply give us a call and let us know the kind of debris you are going to produce and we’ll gladly organize cleaning support.

“The guys at Vienna Cleaning Services do an awesome job cleaning. Recently, they helped us with our move in cleaning and had our new property looking and feeling perfect, ready for us to move into.” – Colene J

Contact Us Today

So, the next time that you feel that any of our cleaning services could be of use to you, make sure that you are letting us know right away. Give us a call using the number on our website and speak to our customer service advisors about just what it is that we can do for you.